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Our culture at Douglas Laboratories® is deeply rooted in commitment: we work hard to make a difference in global health outreach and sustainability for the planet.

Our goal is to positively impact the quality of health for communities in need and do our part for a greener planet. We live true to these values by partnering with unique organizations that align with our quest of becoming fully recyclable. At Douglas Laboratories®, we're proud to say we work together to live healthier, today and in the future.


Bottle by bottle, we're making strides toward a greener planet. We are proud to announce our big leap forward to a more sustainable future — thanks to our new recycling partnership with TerraCycle®. Starting today, the majority of items we use to package our products are now fully recyclable.

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TerraCycle® has discovered that nearly everything we touch can be collected and recycled. Their easy-to-follow programs allow consumers to recycle typically non-recyclable items like our bottle closures, liquid droppers, sachets and blister packs, to name a few. Together, we can eliminate the idea of waste through this innovative, national recycling program.

It's time to reimagine recycling. What's special about this new partnership is that our packaging pieces now have the ability to be recycled by TerraCycle®. This includes our bottle-neck shrinks, inner seals, desiccants, bottle closures, plastic scoops, blister packs, droppers, pouches, and sachets!

Thanks to TerraCycle®

MILLIONS of pounds of valuable resources have been diverted from landfills all over the world.

Over 202 MILLION PEOPLE in 21 COUNTRIES have helped to collect and recycle enough material waste to raise over $44 MILLION DOLLARS for charities worldwide through TerraCycle's recycling program.

Learn more about our partnership with TerraCycle® and create your account today!

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Prefer curbside recycling? You can still recycle our bottles with the labels removed in your standard curbside bins.

With your help, we can make the world a greener, healthier place for the future generations.


Fully recyclable packaging

Reduction of GHG emissions up to 20%

Reduction of virgin plastic packaging
use by 33%


Removal of bottle shrink has saved over 9 tons of plastic annually.

TerraCycle®, an innovative, national recycling program eliminates the idea of waste.

Our cold shipper boxes are now fully curbside recyclable.

Removal of cotton has saved approximately 9 metric tons of CO2e.

We have removed all single use plastics in our offices.

All printed materials are completed using recycled paper.