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Our eyes are vital organs, but all too often we take them for granted and lose sight of the impact that normal aging, our diet and the environment can have on our visual function. As a part of normal aging, free radicals and intense light radiation can contribute to changes in the membrane structure and function of eye cells, including those of the macula and retina. Nutrition is essential for maintaining healthy eyes as we age and supplementation with specific well-researched nutrients can help to support healthy eye function.

Stuart Richer D.O.+

Dr. Stuart Richer is a practicing optometrist and clinical antioxidant researcher with special interests in aging adults and ocular nutrition. An internationally recognized speaker and the principle investigator of trials published on lutein and zeaxanthin for vision, Dr. Richer has co-formulated a line of supplements with Douglas Laboratories to specifically address age-related visual health. View the Vision Product Selection Guide, Vision Health Brochure. and Vision Support Protocol.

+Dr. Richer is a retained consultant for Douglas Laboratories.

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  1. Eye Moisture Support
    Eye Moisture Support
    A unique formula for healthy tears and moisture in the eyes
  2. Macu-Support
    Key nutrients for macula and retina health
  3. Ultra Preventive ® Vision
    Ultra Preventive ® Vision
    A comprehensive multivitamin/mineral formula plus phytonutrients for the eyes
  4. OcuTone ®
    OcuTone ®
    Antioxidants, Phytonutrients, and Carotenoids for Ocular health
  5. Lutein
    6 mg Lutein with Zeaxanthin
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