Social Responsibility

Working Together to Share the Gift of Health

All of us at Douglas Laboratories believe in promoting health and well-being, not only with our superior nutritional health products, but also by coming together to help our community. A healthy community is one of the fundamental values of the Douglas Laboratories brand. It's a value we all share and one that defines us. This common passion is why we created our Growing Together program. With the creativity of our Growing Together committee, the entire Douglas Laboratories team works together to positively impact the health of those in need - both locally and globally.

SOS Children's Villages

SOS Children's Villages International operated in more than 130 countries and has an established track record of 60 years of caring for the world's most vulnerable children. SOS provides long-term family based care for orphaned and abandoned children and provides child care, education and healthcare to children and their families directly. Learn more at:

Global Initiatives

Douglas Laboratories' culture is deeply rooted in its commitment to global sustainability. Our goal is to positively influence and impact the quality of health of those in need, in both the developing world as well as within the communities that we live and work. Employee driven initiatives backed by corporate support foster improvements in our business practices to benefit planet and community.

Reducing our Footprint

We believe that helping people live healthier lives also means finding viable ways to reduce the environmental impact of our business operations. We've taken advantage of technology to reduce water and energy consumption and use sustainably managed paper for marketing communication materials.