Educational Resources

In order to help healthcare practitioners make that critical link between research findings and clinical application, Douglas Laboratories offers monthly webinars and live seminars. Event details are posted online and via social media, making it easy to stay informed. Can't make it? No problem! Many of our educational events are recorded and housed on our website for easy, round-the-clock access.

Upcoming Webinar:

Ketogenic Diets in Integrative Care: Supporting Healthy Insulin Function

Presented by Angela Mazza, DO, FMNM, ABAARM+

Date: Wednesday, August 28

Time: 12:00 p.m. ET


Individualized patient care beyond traditional recommendations is the foundation to modern integrative medicine. As the popularity of ketogenic diets continues to grow how do we address complicated issues in regards to the entire metabolic system and implications beyond weight loss? Join Dr. Angela Mazza as she presents an integrative endocrinologists clinical viewpoint of the ketogenic diet and how she has used it in her own practice.

Objectives of this webinar are to:

  • Review the underlying physiology of glucose homeostasis, beta-oxidation and ketosis.
  • Understand the current research on ketogenic diets and the aspects of insulin function.
  • Case studies and strategies for how to approach and execute ketogenic planning in integrative patient care.

About the Presenter

Angela Mazza, DO, FMNM, ABAARM is the owner of the Metabolic Center for Wellness where she practices endocrinology combined with naturopathy to bring individualized treatment plans to her patient based on the latest medical research. As a Doctor of Osteopathy and professor, Dr. Mazza integrates a holistic approach that treats the entire person rather than just the condition. Since lifestyle plays such a critical role in health and wellness, in her practice her team also serves as educators and coaches, giving people the strategies they need to control, manage, and optimize their health.

+Our Medical Advisors are retained consultants for Douglas Laboratories.