Discontinued Products

Not finding a product in stock? We have similar formulas to suit your patients’ needs.

At Douglas Laboratories®, our team of product researchers and medical experts continuously develop and manufacture a comprehensive collection of rigorously designed, science-based supplements. This process of developing our products requires us to evaluate and strategically refine the product portfolio from time to time to provide the best formulas for your patients.

If you notice a formula no longer available, your login account still grants you access to similar products within our family of brands to suit your patients’ needs. Check out our suggested alternatives below or simply use your current sign-in information to explore hundreds of nutritional supplements formulated to address a multitude of health categories including: mental health, immune function, bone and joint health, metabolic support and many others. So whatever the health need or goal, you can ensure that your patients, and your practice continue to receive quality ingredients and support where possible.

SKU Product Name Replacement SKU Replacement Product Name
APB-180X Added Protection III® 202775-60X
APR Added Protection III® Tablets 200577A-180X
77301-60X Agnus Castus-V 202365-60X
AG2 Aler-gest 250 Tablets 7048-120X
ABL Aminoblend 201996-100X
201252-100X Amino-Gram Forte™ 82005-100X
MAG Amino-Mag 200™ 202771-100X
7468-90X Anti-Oxidant 7470-90X
7563-90X Ascorbplex 1000™ 90's 7563-180X or 202640-100X
83029-60X ATP-20 KA57678-258
7099-100X B-1 201815-60X, 7913-90X or BCP1/BCP6

Daily Stress Formula by Pure Encapsulations
7003-90X B-Complex + Minerals 7921
201385-180X Basic Preventive® 3 200577A-180X
7857-100X Beta-Carotene Dry Capsules 7993-100X
HCL Betaine Hydrochloride (90 count) HC2
7515-100X Bio-Plus™ 202255-120X
7406-250X Boron Plus N/A
99579-60X Brain Calm 80801-100X
98724-60X Brain MOOD 80801-100X
202396-250X/202396-90X Cal-6 + Mg 202777-250X/202777-90X
1001-90X/1001-180X Cal/Mag 1001 202781-90X/202781-180X
Calcium Magnesium (citrate) by Pure Encapsulations
2001-90X/2001-180X Cal/Mag 2001 202768-90X/202768-180X
7471-90X Cal/Mag Citrate 7471-250X
CA4 Calcigard 1:1 Plus D 1001-90X
CA6 Calcigard 2:1 Plus D 2001-90X
7409-100X Calcium Citrate (250 mg.) (100 count) 202546-250X
7145-8X Calscorbplex ™ (Buffered) 80120-240X
7006-90X Candi-trol CND
202234-60X Cardio MetX 201131-60X
77417-60X Cat's Claw Max-V 80097-100X
79809-120X Cetyl Myristoleate N/A
7065-60X Chondroitin Sulfate 300 mg N/A
200063-100X Chromium 200 mcg 7417-100X or CRP21/CRP26
Chromium Picolinate 200 mg by Pure Encapsulations
99950-60X Citrus Q-10 300 200053-60X
99844-60X Citrus -Q10 30 200053-60X
200052-60X Citrus -Q10 60 200053-60X
80279-120X C/Lysine Plus LL2/ LL9 l-Lysine by Pure Encapsulations
7350-100X Coenzyme Q-10 with Vitamin C 7362
83915-60X Cogni-flex™ 99580-60X or NRT
99247-60X Coleus Extract 201381-120X
57650P-680X Colostrum 100% Pure New Zealand (680 g. Powder) 202118-120X or COL41/COL49
Colostrum 40% IgG by Pure Encapsulations
80437-60X Co-biotic 9302-50X
83915-60X Cogni-Flex 99580-60X
201870-120X Colostoferrin 202118-120X
98230-60X Colostoferrin capsules 202118-120X
201870-120X Colostrum Capsules - New Zealand 202118-120X
57619P-680X Colostrum Powder- New Zealand 57650P-680X
57620P-180X Colostrum Powder- New Zealand 57650P-180X
7020-100X Copper (2 mg) N/A
57497P-165X Corvalen® OPC 57451P-280X
202702-120X CV Support Formula 201387-180X or 7420-100X
66866-30X Detoxification Pack 7600/FPC/80317/202236

4545-120X DGST Support Formula ™ 201538-90X
7903-100X/7903-250X D.L. Acidophilus + Pectin 202449-100X
Probiotic 123 by Pure Encapsulations
65397-30X Diabet-Support Pack Rev N/A
202364 DIM Enhanced 30's 202558
7516-90X DL-Pheine 7945-90X
66130-2X D-Replete™ 201206-30X
7495-2X D.L. Ultra-Dophilus Powder ™ 57649P-60X
7427-90X Dual-Source Chromium 7417-100X
80261-250X or 202036-250X Dyna-Cal 202777-250X/202777-90X or OB3/OB2
OsteoBalance by Pure Encapsulations
80400-90X E-400 Dry Caps (Natural) 7098-100X
200263-240X Elite Athlete Multi-Vitamin KA201344-60
202133-120X Endocrine Complete 202660-180X or DSF9/DSF1
Daily Stress Formula by Pure Encapsulations
202511-60X Energy Recharge 57780P
RENUAL by Pure Encapsulations
7040-120X EPA/GLA Forte 202232-90X
7039-120X EPA/GLA S-Gel 202232-90X
ESB Essential Basics ™ 200587-180X
66360-30X Essential Female Pack 202331-120X or WPPB3
Women's Pure Pack by Pure Encapsulations
66359-30X Essential Male Pack 202331-120X or MPPB3
Men's Pure Pack by Pure Encapsulations
7847-250X Ester-C® Plus 202639-100X
202026-60X Eye Moisture Support 200981-60X
Vision Pro EPA/DHA/GLA by Pure Encapsulations
FVA FlavonAll® 202586-120X or PHN3/PHN1
Polyphenol Nutrients by Pure Encapsulations
99000-60X FruiTEA-Max ™ 202586-120X
7420-250X Garlic (Odorless) (250 count) 7420-100X
GER Germanium 25 mg GEM
GES Sublingual Germanium GEM
202479-270X G.F.S.-2000® (Capsules) 57735P-250X
57735P-250X G.F.S.-2000® (Powder) 57658P-619X
GNK Ginko 80 77330-60X
202298 GlucoQuench 99155-60X
83909-250X Glucosamine + MSM Forte™ 83909-120X, 202723 or GCMS3/GCMS2/GCMS1/GCMS6

Glucosamine Chondroitin with MSM by Pure Encapsulations
GCSPX Glucosamine Plus Vcap 90 Ct GSXV
80688-60X/80688-250X Glucosamine Sulfate 500 mg GCSP
80442-90X Gluco-Adapt LPA or GSF6/GSF1
Glucose Support Formula by Pure Encapsulations
99610-60X Gly-Sea-Max GSXV
77338-60X Goldenseal Max-V 81096-63X
77340-60X Gotu Kola Max-V VRT
77342-30X Grape Seed Extract-V 7041
77350-60XP Horsetail Grass Max-V 82924-100X
99154-60X Hydrolyzed Collagen Plus 57756P-140X
57717P-84X Hyaluronic Acid 202262-60X
HYT Hypoaller-C Tablets 7563-90X
7911-100HX Hypo-B-50 7452-90X
201822-60X I.B. Comfort INT-C
201864-60X Iflora Multi-Probiotic Capsules 202634-60X
57621P-60X Iflora Multi-Probiotic Kids 57648P-60X
57618P-60X Iflora Multi-Probiotic Powder 57649P-60X
201872-60X Iflora Multi-Probiotic YC-7 202116-60X
7080-100X Immune-Plus N/A
7024-60X Immuno Forte N/A
4551-120X Immu-Support Formula™ N/A
INT Intestamine 907101-250X or GII1
G.I. Integrity by Pure Encapsulations
66401-60X Joint Health Pack with Wobenzym ® N 201213
57739P-300X Keto Metabolic N/A
77334-60X Korean Ginseng Max-V 7670-60X
7933-60X L-Cystine 200062-90X
80697-250X L-Glutamine + FOS Powder 907101-250X
83072-60X L-Glutathione 250 mg. 81993-90X
7935-60X L-Histidine N/A
7948-60X L-Proline N/A
TYR L-Tyrosine (800 mg) 7549-100X
7929-100X Lecithin 1200 mg 202254-100X
77356-60X Licorice Root-V (glycyrrhizin) DG1/DG6 DGL Plus® by Pure Encapsulations
77355-90X Licorice Root-V (deglycyrrhizinated) 99076-60X or DG1/DG6
DGL Plus® by Pure Encapsulations
LP1 Lipex Tablets 81158-120X
57575-30X Liquid DHA 200980-60X
66356-30X Longevity Support Pack N/A
83031-60X Lutein Plus LUT
LYC Lycopene N/A
85014-180X Macushield 202027-120X
202023-90X Macu-Support 202726-90X
57126-8X Mag-Tea G 8 oz 57622-8OZX
57126-8X Magnesium Aspartate 2X 202685-120X or UM1
UltraMag Magnesium by Pure Encapsulations
81285-250X Magnesium Aspartate 2X 7405 or UM1
UltraMag Magnesium by Pure Encapsulations
7575-240X Magnesium Glycinate 202559
7599-60X Magnesium Glycinate Forte 202559
202485-250X/202485-100X Magnesium/ Potassium Complex 202752-250X/202752-100X
7042-100X Magnesix 85059-180X
85059-90X Malic Acid + Magnesium 90’s 85059-180X
201767-8X MCT liquid 8 oz. 57689-460X
81255-90X Medium Chain Triglycerides N/A
7999-60X Mega-Min N/A
84073-120X Meno-Support Formula™ 202366-60X
57462-1181X Metabolic Cleanse™ 57688-1181X
57468-1151X Metabolic Cleanse™ Vegetarian Formula N/A
66212-60X or 66885-60X Metabolic Management Pack (Revised) N/A
65901-56X or 66867-56X Metabolic Rejuvenation 80317/202315/200062

200901-30X Methylated Resveratrol Plus 202557-30X
MGK Mg.-K Aspartate 202485-100X or PM1/PM9
Potassium Magnesium (aspartate) by Pure Encapsulations
7399-100X Microcrystalline Calcium (500 mg.) 83018-90X
MLK Milk Thistle Extract 7380-90X
MIT MitoTone® KA201309-90
202317-90X MitoTone® Plus 202511-60X
8503-30X Move Active® 57756P-140X
MSM MSM + Vitamin C MSMC or MSM3/MSM2
MSM Capsules by Pure Encapsulations
83015-120X Multi-E-400, Natural (Dry) 98540-60X
7001-120X Multivite™ 7921
MYCO Mushroom Beta Blend 202720-120X or MRS1
M/R/S/ Formula by Pure Encapsulations
7596-90X Natursyl Capsules FPC
7090 Natural C Plus 500 202445-100X
202021-60X Neuro Comfort N/A
NRMV Neuromins™ 200980-60X
7629-60X Neurosed II NRT
7580-60X Niacinate-400 60’s NCT
7941-100X Norwegian Cod Liver Oil AV1
7023-30X Nutrision OCU
99817-90X Ocu-Omega OCU
99276-60X Opti-EPA Enteric-Coated 7089
SEL Opti-SEL 98531-60X
201253-100X Orange-Chew 7847-100X
OSG Osteo-guard OSG-IP
4544-120X Osteo Support Formula 202619-180X
202302 or 202556 PAN-OX-5™ 202556
82047-4X Pecta-Sol ® (Powder) 82046-90X
7926-100X Phosadyl 202254-100X
83004-60X Phosphatidyl-SERINE Capsules (60 count) N/A
201715-60X PMS Support‡ with BioResponse DIM ® 202365-60X
99855-60X and 99855-180X Prim Royal N/A
57179P-1X Pro-Pca Fuel (Chocolate) KA57695P-1092 or KA57695P-10
57180P-1X Pro-Pca Fuel (Raspberry) KA57695P-1092 or KA57695P-10
7589-120X Proanthocyanidins (50 mg.) 200244-30X
201388-120X ProgestoMend™ 202742-120X
84074-120X Prosta-Support Formula 82044-60X
PCO3 Pycnogenol ® (50 mg tablets 30 count) PCO9
7041-60X Pycnogenol ® (25 mg) 60's 7041-120X, 202639-100X or PY51/ PY56

Pycnogenol 50mg by Pure Encapsulations
7467-100X/7467-60X Pyridoxal-5-Phosphate (50 mg. capsules) 202750-100X/202750-60X
202248-60X QÜELL® Fish Oil Clinical Strength DHA 200980-60X
202403-60X QÜELL® Fish Oil Clinical Strength EPA 200979-60X
202519-36X QÜELL® Fish Oil DHA Soft Chews 201398-60X
202260-60X QÜELL® Fish Oil EFA Plus 200981 or EFA1
81601-50X Querciplex 50 count 202635-60X
4549-120X Rehab Support Formula 4547-120X
202401-30X Rest Reset 201348
8500-60X Resvera-Gold® INF
81801-100X Salmon Oil 7980-100X
98304-30X SAM-E Tablets 202170-60X
202304 Seditol Plus 202401-30X
7957-90X Sinu Pro 6 202117-90X
202564-60X Skin Clarify 202648-100X or Z16/Z11
Zinc 15 by Pure Encapsulations
7986-90X Spectramin Chelate BMN
84078-60X Standardized Black Cohosh 202366-60X
7925-60X Stress Plex Forte 7452-90X
80441-2X Super Immune Space Sprinkles 57648P-60X
201614-60X Tegricel® Colostrum 202118-120X
201351-120X TestoQuench™ for Men 202410-120X
99816-30X Thea-Stat Revised 99134-120X
201515-90X Thyrolife Optima 201344-60X
7628-100X Trace Min BMN
7922-250X TRC 500 7847-100X
7510-100X Tri-Amino 82005-100X
Growth Hormone Support‡ by Pure Encapsulations
7913-60X Tri-B-100 7913-90X
200448 L-Tryptophan 202677
85081-60X Ultra 5-HTP 85073-60X
88050-120X UltraCAL N/A
7200-30X/7200-60X/7200-90X Ultra Coenzyme Q-10 200053-60X or CQ26
Daily Stress Formula by Pure Encapsulations
7594-100X Ultra D Tox Capsules FPC
66354-30X Ultra Cardio Support Pack N/A
82752-90X Ultra GI N/A
66872-60X Ultra Glucose Support Pack Various SKU's

83916-60X Ultra-Ostivone™ OSG-IP
200568-90X Ultra Preventive III Revised 202775-60X
200584-180X Ultra Preventive III w/Fe 180's Rev 200577A-180X
200576-210X Ultra Preventive X Rev 202331-240X
83907-150X Ultra Preventive© III Forte Chel N/A
200570-180X Ultra Preventive® III with Zinc Picolinate N/A
57658P-10X Ultra Protein Green 57658P-619X
57053-948X Ultra Protein Plus Chocolate 57396-900X
57054-948X Ultra Protein Plus Vanilla 57395-900X
57498P-771X Ultra Whey Plus Vanilla KA57693P
57499P-780X Ultra Whey Plus Orange KA57693P
7330-90X Ultra-C-Forte 7847-100X
201036-180X Ultra Preventive Teen 202134-60X or 202135-60X
202027-120X Ultra Preventive Vision 202331
57396-10X Ultra Protein Plus Chocolate Sachets 57396-900X
57395-10X Ultra Protein Plus Vanilla Sachets 57395-900X
99451-60X Ultra-Uni-Prostrol 582044-60X
77381-60X Valerian Root Max-V 202730-60X
7333-90X Valsed™ 202733-120X or MCT6/MCT1
Muscle Cramp/Tension Formula by Pure Encapsulations
82109-60X Vanadium Krebs VDL-90X
7048-60X Vegetarian Enzyme 60's 7048-120X
99445-100X Vegetarian Protezyme Forte 201910-120X
57414-16X Veg Omega-3 Liquid 16oz Rev 7046
8502-90X Vinpocetine 99580-60X or VI1
Vinpocetine by Pure Encapsulations
200913-60X VITAMIN K2 202597-60X
83030-60X V:V 7 Supplement VRT
99245-60X Wasabia Detox Plus 202315-60X
57747P-510X Whey Satisfied 202575-60X or PLW4
PureLean® Whey by Pure Encapsulations
99463-1XCNF Xtra-Cell Thymus 30 ml Spray 201213
99462-24XC Xtra-Cell Zepatix (Frozen) N/A
200727-120X Y.P.D. Support Formula™ 200803-120X
201180-4X Zinc Stat (liquid - 4oz) N/A