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Discontinued Items with Suggested Replacements

SKU Product Name Replacement SKU Replacement Product Name
85081-60X Ultra 5-HTP 85073-60X 5-HTP Plus Formula
APB-180X Added Protection III® 200568-180X Ultra Preventive ® III (Tablets) (180 count)
APR Added Protection III® Tablets 200577A-180X Ultra Preventive ® III with Copper & Iron
77301-60X Agnus Castus-V 202365-60X PMS Support‡ with BioResponse DIM ®
AG2 Aler-gest 250 Tablets 7048-120X Vegetarian Enzyme
ABL Aminoblend 201996-100X Aminoblend™
201252-100X Amino-Gram Forte™ 82005-100X Free Form Amino Caps
7468-90X Anti-Oxidant 7470-90X Ultra Anti-Oxidant
7003-90X B-Complex + Minerals 7921 Ultra Vite 75 ™ II
201385-180X Basic Preventive® 3 200577A-180X Ultra Preventive® III with Copper & Iron
7857-100X Beta-Carotene Dry Capsules 7993-100X A-Potene ™
HCL Betaine Hydrochloride (90 count) HC2 Betaine Hydrochloride (250 count)
7515-100X Bio-Plus™ 202255-120X Biotin 8 mg
7406-250X Boron Plus N/A
7471-90X Cal/Mag Citrate 7471-250X Cal/Mag Citrate
CA4 Calcigard 1:1 Plus D 1001-90X Cal/Mag 1001
CA6 Calcigard 2:1 Plus D 2001-90X Cal/Mag 2001
7409-100X Calcium Citrate (250 mg.) (100 count) 7409-250X Calcium Citrate (250 mg.) (250 count)
7145-8X Calscorbplex ™ (Buffered) 80120-240X Effer-C ® (Buffered)
7006-90X Candi-trol CND Caprylate Plus
200596-240X Cardio-Stolix™ 77347-60X and MGK Hawthorne Max-V
Mg-K Aspartate
77417-60X Cat's Claw Max-V 80097-100X Cat's Claw
79809-120X Cetyl Myristoleate 120’s 79809-60X Cetyl Myristoleate 60’s
7065-60X Chondroitin Sulfate 300 mg 8503-30X Move Active™
99950-60X Citrus-Q10™ 300 200053-60X Citrus-Q10™ 100
99247-60X Coleus Extract 201381-120X ThyroMend™
7427-90X Dual-Source Chromium 7417-100X Chromium Picolinate
99844-60X Citrus -Q10 30 200052-60X Citrus-Q10 60
80437-60X Co-biotic 9302-50X S.B.C.
201870-120X Colostrum Capsules - New Zealand 202118-120X Colostrum Capsules New Zealand
57619P-680X Colostrum Powder- New Zealand 57650P-680X Colostrum Powder New Zealand
57620P-180X Colostrum Powder- New Zealand 57650P-180X Colostrum Powder New Zealand
7020-100X Copper (2 mg) N/A
57497P-165X Corvalen® OPC 57451P-280X Corvalen® D-Ribose
65395-30X Detoxification Pack 66866-30X Detoxification Pack
7903-100X D.L. Acidophilus + Pectin 7903-250X D.L. Acidophilus + Pectin
65397-30X Diabet-Support Pack Rev 66811-60X Ultra Glucose Support Pack
201208-30X DIM Enhanced 30's 201208-60X DIM Enhanced 60's
7516-90X DL-Pheine 7945-90X L-Phenylalanine 500 MG
66130-2X D-Replete™ 201206-30X D-Sorb™
7495-2X D.L. Ultra-Dophilus Powder ™ 57649P-60X Multi-Probiotic ® 40 Billion (Powder)
7516-90X Dyna-Cal 202036-250X Dyna-Cal 250’s
80261-250X Dyna-Cal 202036-250X Dyna-Cal 250’s
80400-90X E-400 Dry Caps (Natural) 7098-100X E-400
200263-240X Elite Athlete Multi-Vitamin KA201344-60 Klean Multivitamin
7040-120X EPA/GLA Forte 202232-90X Balance Plus
7039-120X EPA/GLA S-Gel 202232-90X Balance Plus
7847-250X Ester C Plus 7847-100X Ester C Plus
99000-60X FruiTEA-Max ™ FVA FlavonAll®
7420-250X Garlic (Odorless) (250 count) 7420-100X Garlic (Odorless) (100 count)
GER Germanium 25 mg GEM Germanium (capsule)
GES Sublingual Germanium GEM Germanium (capsule)
GNK Ginko 80 77330-60X Ginko Biloba Max-V
GCSPX Glucosamine Plus Vcap 90 Ct GSXV Glucosamine Plus Extra Strength Vcap 90 Ct
99610-60X Gly-Sea-Max 80442-90X Gluco-Adapt™ (Formerly Gluco-Mend)
77338-60X Goldenseal Max-V 81096-63X Phyto Shield
77340-60X Gotu Kola Max-V VRT Varitonin Veg Cap
77342-30X Grape Seed Extract-V 7041 Pycnogenol® (25 mg capsules)
77350-60XP Horsetail Grass Max-V 82924-100X Hair, Skin & Nail Plus
99154-60X Hyaluronic Acid 202262-60X Hyaluronic Acid<sup>®</sup>
HYT Hypoaller-C Tablets 7563-90X Ascorbplex 1000 Buffered
7911-100HX Hypo-B-50 7452-90X Stress-B-Plus™
201864-60X Iflora Multi-Probiotic Capsules 202115-60X Multi-probiotic 40 billion
57621P-60X Iflora Multi-Probiotic Kids 57648P-60X Multii-Probiotic Kids Powder
57618P-60X Iflora Multi-Probiotic Powder 57649P-60X Multi-Probiotic 40 Billion Powder
201872-60X Iflora Multi-Probiotic YC-7 202116-60X Multi-Probiotic YC-7
7080-100X Immune-Plus 99463-1XCNF Xtra-Cell™ Thymus NF
7024-60X Immuno Forte 99463-1XCNF Xtra-Cell™ Thymus NF
4551-120X Immu-Support Formula™ 200569-240X Ultra Preventive ® X
66401-60X Joint Health Pack with Wobenzym ® N 201213 Wobenzym ® N
77334-60X Korean Ginseng Max-V 7670-60X Ayur-Ashwagandha
7933-60X L-Cystine 200062-90X N-Acetyl-L-Cysteine 500 mg.
83072-60X L-Glutathione 250 mg. 81993-90X L-Glutathione Plus
TYR L-Tyrosine (800 mg) 7549-100X L-Tyrosine (500 mg)
7929-100X Lecithin 1200 mg 202254-100X Lecithin 1200 mg
LP1 Lipex Tablets 81158-120X Lipotrol
57575-30X Liquid DHA 200980-60X QÜELL Fish Oil® - Ultra DHA
66356-30X Longevity Support Pack N/A
83031-60X Lutein Plus LUT Lutein
LYC Lycopene N/A
85014-180X Macushield 202027-120X Ultra Preventive Vision
57126-8X Mag-Tea G 8 oz 57622-8OZX Liquid Magnesium
7575-240X Magnesium Glycinate 202373-120X Magnesium Glycinate
7599-60X Magnesium Glycinate Forte 202373-120X Magnesium Glycinate
7042-100X Magnesix 85059-180X Malic Acid + Magnesium
85059-90X Malic Acid + Magnesium 90’s 85059-180X Malic Acid + Magnesium 180’s
81255-90X Medium Chain Triglycerides 201767-8X M.C.T. A Structured Lipid
7999-60X Mega-Min 7986-90X Spectramin Chelate
84073-120X Meno-Support Formula™ 202366-60X Ultra Menoease™
57462-1181X Metabolic Cleanse™ 57395-900X Ultra Protein Plus Vanilla 900 g
57468-1151X Metabolic Cleanse™ Vegetarian Formula 57395-900X Ultra Protein Plus Vanilla 900 g
57687-1151X Metabolic Cleanse™ Vegetarian Formula 57395-900X Ultra Protein Plus Vanilla 900 g
66212-60X Metabolic Management Pack (Revised) N/A
65901-56X Metabolic Rejuvenation 66867-56X Metabolic Rejuvenation
7399-100X Microcrystalline Calcium (500 mg.) 83018-90X Calcium Microcrystalline Hydroxyapatite
MLK Milk Thistle Extract 7380-90X Silymarin/Milk Thistle Extract
MIT MitoTone® KA201309-90 Klean Antioxidant™
8503-30X Move Active® 57717P-84X Hydrolyzed Collagen Plus
MSMP MSM Powder MSMC MSM Capsules
83015-120X Multi-E-400, Natural (Dry) 98540-60X Nutri-E 400™ Forte
7001-120X Multivite™ 7921 Ultra Vite 75™ II
7596-90X Natursyl Capsules FPC Fiber-Plex™
7090 Natural C Plus 500 EST Ester-C ® Complex
NRMV Neuromins™ 200980-60X QÜELL Fish Oil® - Ultra DHA
7629-60X Neurosed II 7333-90X Valsed
7580-60X Niacinate-400 60’s 7580-120X Niacinate-400 120’s
7941-100X Norwegian Cod Liver Oil AV1 Vitamin A (10,000 I.U.)
7023-30X Nutrision OCU Ocutone
99817-90X Ocu-Omega 202026-60X Eye Moisture Support
SEL Opti-SEL 7422 Seleno-Methionine
201253-100X Orange-Chew 7847-100X Ester-C ® Plus
OSG Osteo-guard OSG-IP Osteo-guard Plus Ipriflavone
82047-4X Pecta-Sol ® (Powder) 82046-90X Pecta-Sol ® (90 count)
7926-100X Phosadyl 202254-100X Lecithin 1200 MG
83004-60X Phosphatidyl-SERINE Capsules (60 count) N/A
201715-60X PMS Support‡ with BioResponse DIM ® 202365-60X PMS Support‡ with BioResponse DIM ® - Revised
99855-60X and 99855-180X Prim Royal TBD
57179P-1X Pro-Pca Fuel (Chocolate) KA57633P-1138 Klean Recovery
57180P-1X Pro-Pca Fuel (Raspberry) KA57633P-1138 Klean Recovery
7589-120X Proanthocyanidins (50 mg.) 200244-30X Resveratrol
PCO3 Pycnogenol ® (50 mg tablets 30 count) PCO9 Pycnogenol ® (50 mg tablets 90 count)
81601-50X Querciplex 50 count 81601-100X Querciplex 100 count
4549-120X Rehab Support Formula 4547-120X Joint-Support Formula
8500-60X Resvera-Gold® INF Boswellia-Turmeric Complex
81801-100X Salmon Oil 7980-100X DEPA
98304-30X SAM-E Tablets 202170-60X SAM-E Capsules
7957-90X Sinu Pro 6 202117-90X Multi-Probiotic Sinus Support
84078-60X Standardized Black Cohosh 202366-60X Ultra Menoease
7925-60X Stress Plex Forte 7452-90X Stress-B-Plus™
80441-2X Super Immune Space Sprinkles 57648P-60X Multi-Probiotic ® Kids
201614-60X Tegricel® Colostrum 202118-120X Colostrum 100% Pure New Zealand (Capsules)
201351-120X TestoQuench™ for Men 202410-120X TestoQuench™ for Men - Revised
99816-30X Thea-Stat Revised 99134-120X Cardio-Edge
201515-90X Thyrolife Optima 201344-60X Ultra Preventive 2 Daily
7628-100X Trace Min BMN Basic Minerals
7922-250X TRC 500 7847-100X Ester-C® Plus
7913-60X Tri-B-100 7913-90X Tri-B-100
88050-120X UltraCAL 7015-250X Cal-6+Mg. ™ (250 count)
7594-100X Ultra D Tox Capsules 7596-90X Natursyl Capsules
66354-30X Ultra Cardio Support Pack N/A
200568-90X Ultra Preventive III Revised 200568-180X Ultra Preventive III Revised 180's
200584-180X Ultra Preventive III w/Fe 180's Rev 200577A-180X Ultra Preventive III a w/Copper/Iron
200576-210X Ultra Preventive IX Rev 202331-240X Ultra Preventive X Rev
83907-150X Ultra Preventive© III Forte Chel 4550-120X C.V. Support Formula
200570-180X Ultra Preventive® III with Zinc Picolinate 200568-180X Ultra Preventive III Revised 180's
57053-948X Ultra Protein Plus Chocolate 57053-908X Ultra Protein Plus Chocolate
57054-948X Ultra Protein Plus Vanilla 57054-908X Ultra Protein Plus Vanilla
57498P-771X Ultra Whey Plus Vanilla KA57693P Klean Isolate™ Natural Vanilla Flavor
57499P-780X Ultra Whey Plus Orange KA57693P Klean Isolate™ Natural Vanilla Flavor
7330-90X Ultra-C-Forte 7847-100X Ester C plus
77381-60X Valerian Root Max-V 7333-90X Valsed™
82109-60X Vanadium Krebs VDL Vanadyl Sulfate
7048-60X Vegetarian Enzyme 60's 7048-120X Vegetarian Enzyme (120 count)
99445-100X Vegetarian Protezyme Forte 201910-120X Wobenzym Plus
57414-16X Veg Omega-3 Liquid 16oz Rev 7046 Ultra G.L.A. (Borage Oil)
83030-60X V:V 7 Supplement VRT Varitonin™
99245-60X Wasabia Detox Plus 202315-60X Ultra Liver Support‡
99462-24XC Xtra-Cell Zepatix (Frozen) 99458-24XC Xtra-Cell Immunity (Frozen)
200727-120X Y.P.D. Support Formula™ 200803-120X Ultra MFP Forte
201180-4X Zinc Stat (liquid - 4oz) ZNL Zinc Lozenges