Klean Athlete

When athletes visit your practice, they each present a unique set of challenges and individual needs. They may not be sick, but could be injured. They’re both energized and fatigued from their latest adventure, training session or competition. The Klean Athlete product line provides a solid nutrient foundation, including the vitamins, minerals and nutrients the body needs to perform at its best. Klean Athlete products fuel and fortify any athlete’s ability to optimize performance despite life’s daily stresses and promote an athlete’s overall health and wellness at any age, intensity or experience level. Every bottle of Klean Athlete is tested and certified by the NSF Certified for Sport® program,designed to endure safer sports nutrition, free from banned substances and contaminants. Whether you work with recreational athletes, active baby boomers or professional athletes, Klean Athlete has a place in your practice.

KLEAN Athlete®

Foundation, Targeted or Train & Compete. Check out our Klean Athlete Product Selection Guide for the right product for you and your active clients!

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  1. Klean Omega ™
    Klean Omega ™
    Support your joints, muscles and your lifestyle with added support from Klean Omega.
  2. Klean Electrolytes ™
    Klean Electrolytes ™
    A blend of minerals in capsule form to help replenish electrolytes and retain hydration.
  3. Klean Multivitamin ™
    Klean Multivitamin ™
    Containing a fruit and vegetable blend, specially formulated for the unique needs of athletes. The optimum balance of ingredients to stay healthy throughout your training.
  4. Klean Antioxidant ™
    Klean Antioxidant ™
    Key ingredients to help guard against the cellular damage that comes from intense training.
  5. Klean Focus®
    Klean Focus®
    A synergistic Fruit Blend, Alpha-GPC and a powerful dose of Lutein - a combination to support brain health.
  6. Klean Endurance ™
    Klean Endurance ™
    Chewable tablet that supports the natural way the human body produces energy.
  7. Klean Probiotic ™
    Klean Probiotic ™
    Balances bacteria in your gut so that the vitamins and nutrients you need to perform can be properly absorbed into your bloodstream.
  8. Klean-D ™ 5000 IU
    Klean-D ™ 5000 IU
    Targeted support when your body can't produce Vitamin D naturally.
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