Heart & Metabolic


Heart & Metabolic

Heart and metabolic health is a broad topic that touches on many areas, from vascular function to glucose and lipid metabolism to body weight. As we age, the heart and vasculature undergo decreases in blood vessel plasticity and increases in blood vessel wall thickness. The function of the heart itself also changes, resulting in a decreased efficiency in pumping blood. Normal aging also results in a loss of muscle mass and alterations in numerous metabolic pathways. Weight tends to increase while metabolic processes such as glucose metabolism decrease. The combination of these factors can be viewed together as cardiometabolic aging. Nutrition plays an intimate role in maintaining cardiovascular health.

Angela Mazza, D.O.+

Dr. Mazza is double board-certified in internal medicine and endocrinology, diabetes & metabolism, and currently practices in the Central Florida area. She completed her fellowship in anti-aging metabolic medicine and practices integrative endocrinology on a daily basis. She sees medicine not as a “one size fits all” but requiring an individualized approach through patient education and lifestyle management. She has a significant background in both basic and clinical research, and has been principal investigator on multiple large-scale therapy and device trials. View the Cardiometabolic and Insulin Sensitivity Support Protocol

View the Guide to Heart & Metabolic Support for Healthy Aging

Penny Kendall-Reed, N.D.+

Dr. Kendall-Reed is a specialist in metabolic and neuro-endocrine health, and author of the best seller “The New Naturopathic Diet,” as well as several other co-authored works. She travels throughout Canada and the United States lecturing on metabolic and endocrine function, holds health retreats, and appears regularly on television, magazine and radio. Presently, Dr. Kendall-Reed is the director of natural therapies at the Urban Wellness Clinic in Toronto. View the Metabolic Hormone Support Protocol.

+Our Clinical Advisors have been retained as consultants for Douglas Laboratories.

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  1. 202676-60X | B-Complex
    Support for energy metabolism and neurological health
  2. 83339 | Beni-Koji RYR
    Beni-Koji RYR
    Healthy lipid metabolism
  3. 201131-60X | Berberine Balance
    Berberine Balance
    Cardiovascular health
  4. 57780P | BerryCaff™ Energy
    BerryCaff™ Energy
    Supports mental alertness and physical performance
  5. 57743P-290X | C8 Max MCT Powder
    C8 Max MCT Powder
    Supports cognitive function, ketone production and weight management‡†
  6. 99134-120X | Cardio-Edge ®
    Cardio-Edge ®
    Cardiovascular health
  7. 201775 | Citrus Solu-Q ™
    Citrus Solu-Q ™
    Enhanced absorption Coenzyme Q10
    Energy metabolism and cardiovascular health
  8. 200053-60X | Citrus-Q10 ™ 100
    Citrus-Q10 ™ 100
    Energy metabolism and cardiovascular health
  9. 98336-120X | CLA (Conjugated Linoleic Acid) (120 count)
    CLA (Conjugated Linoleic Acid) (120 count)
    Support for healthy body composition
  10. 57451P-280X | Corvalen
    Cellular energy
  11. 57452P-340X | Corvalen M ®
    Corvalen M ®
    Cellular energy
  12. 80442-90X | Gluco-Adapt (Formerly Gluco-Mend)
    Gluco-Adapt (Formerly Gluco-Mend)
    Healthy blood sugar support
  13. GST | Glucoset ®
    Glucoset ®
    Complementary nutrients for healthy blood sugar support
  14. 201329-90X | Homocystrol ® + TMG
    Homocystrol ® + TMG
    Methylation support
  15. 57689-460X | MCT/Butyrate Liquid with SunButyrate™
    MCT/Butyrate Liquid with SunButyrate™
    Supports cognitive function and ketone production
  16. 202575-60X | Metabolic Lean
    Metabolic Lean
    Healthy weight management support
  17. 202557-30X | Methylated Resveratrol Plus
    Methylated Resveratrol Plus
    Healthy aging, cardiometabolic and cellular support
  18. 202696-90X | Nature's Diet Caps+Herbs
    Nature's Diet Caps+Herbs
    Garcinia cambogia plus Chromium
  19. 7041 | Pycnogenol ® (25 mg capsules)
    Pycnogenol ® (25 mg capsules)
    Bioflavonoid support for blood vessel, tissue, and arterial health
  20. 202691-60X | QÜELL® Fish Oil Ultra SPM
    QÜELL® Fish Oil Ultra SPM
    Specialized Pro-Resolving Mediators for Immune Homeostasis and Cardiovascular Health
  21. 98028-90X | Super HCA™
    Super HCA™
    Support for healthy weight management‡†
  22. 202230-120X | Tri-Metabolic Control™
    Tri-Metabolic Control™
    Supports metabolic hormones leptin, ghrelin, and adiponectin
  23. 201899 | Ubiquinol-QH
    Support for healthy aging and cardiovascular function
  24. 201815-60X | Ultra Benfotiamine
    Ultra Benfotiamine
    Healthy peripheral circulation, glucose metabolism, and AGE activity
  25. 57747P-510X | Whey Satisfied™
    Whey Satisfied™
    Promotes satiety and weight management‡†
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