In terms of surface area, the gastrointestinal tract comprises one of the largest organs in the body. The roles that it plays are varied and extend well beyond simply moving and digesting food to allow for the absorption of nutrients. In addition to acting as a barrier against the harsh external environment, the digestive system also represents one of the body’s largest immune organs, possessing an intricate lymph network. The gastrointestinal tract houses a highly complex ecosystem that contains trillions of microorganisms. Research continues to uncover new ways in which beneficial bacteria can positively impact health, expanding beyond the confines of the digestive tract to include cardiovascular health, cognition, weight management and more.


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Gastrointestinal Support Protocol

Developed by Daniel Kalish, D.C.+

Protocol Objectives:
To provide supplemental recommendations to help support the microbiome, maintain integrity of the intestinal lining, and promote GI function and overall digestive health.

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+Dr. Kalish is a retained consultant for Douglas Laboratories.

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  1. 202117-90X | Multi-Probiotic® Sinus Support‡
    Multi-Probiotic® Sinus Support‡
    Support for immune and respiratory health
  2. 202694-60X | Multi-Probiotic® Spore+SBC
    Multi-Probiotic® Spore+SBC
    Support for gastrointestinal and immune health
  3. 83905 | Olive Leaf Extract
    Olive Leaf Extract
    Support for microbial balance and cardiovascular health
  4. 202782 | Pan-Ox-5™
    Support for healthy digestion
  5. 99076-60X | Pylori-Plex
    Traditional support for a healthy stomach lining and intestinal tract
  6. 200803-120X | Ultra MFP Forte
    Ultra MFP Forte
    Traditional support for microbial balance
  7. 7048-120X | Vegetarian Enzyme
    Vegetarian Enzyme
    Digestive health
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