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Our bones and joints play a critical role in our musculoskeletal system, a network that includes our muscles, ligaments, tendons and other connective tissue. It is well established that as a consequence of normal aging, we see many changes in the musculoskeletal system that can lead to decreased mobility and quality of life. Decreases in bone density, changes in cartilage and connective tissue and altered muscle function can all occur as part of the normal aging process. Changes in muscle function are also observed as a part of normal aging. Fortunately, a healthful diet, exercise and proper supplementation can help us maintain healthy mobility and an active lifestyle well into our later years.

Martin Gallagher M.D., D.C.+

Dr. Martin Gallagher has the rare distinction of being triple-licensed as a board-certified family physician, chiropractor and medical acupuncturist. He has extensive experience lecturing on integrative medicine and chiropractic care. Dr. Gallagher also co-developed the Douglas Laboratories Joint, Tendon, Ligament formulas to use for musculoskeletal support or in conjunction with regenerative therapies, such as prolotherapy, PRP, acupuncture and manipulation.

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Joint Health Support Specific Protocols

Developed by Martin Gallagher M.D., D.C.+:

Wobenzym® Brochure

Systemic Enzyme Support Protocol

Developed by Joseph J Collins, N.D., R.N.:

+Dr. Gallagher is a retained consultant for Douglas Laboratories.

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  1. Ayur-Boswellia Serrata
    Ayur-Boswellia serrata
    Traditional support for joint and systemic health
  2. Ayur-Curcumin (Turmeric)
    Ayur-Curcumin (Turmeric)
    Traditional support for healthy joints and tissues
  3. Bone CoFactors
    Bone Cofactors
    Bone health
  4. Boswellia-Turmeric Complex
    Boswellia-Turmeric Complex
    Musculoskeletal and joint health
  5. Bromelain 500 mg
    Bromelain 500 mg
    Musculoskeletal health
  6. Cal-6+Mg. ™
    Cal-6 + Mg™
    Calcium complex to support healthy bones and teeth
  7. Collagen Forte Caps
    Collagen Forte
    Support for collagen synthesis
  8. Dyna-Cal (250 count)
    Dyna-Cal 250's
    Bone health
  9. Glucosamine Plus ™
    Glucosamine Plus™
    Joint health
  10. Glucosamine Sulfate (60 count)
    Glucosamine Sulfate
    Joint health
  11. Hyaluronic Acid®
    Hyaluronic Acid
    Joint health
  12. Ipriflavone
    Support for healthy bones
  13. Joint
    Joint, Tendon, Ligament I
    Support for joint mobility and ligaments
  14. Joint
    Joint, Tendon, Ligament II
    Support for healthy stem cell activity
  15. Liquid Cal/Mag/D
    Liquid Cal/Mag D
    Bone health
  16. Mag-Malate
    Support for energy production and muscular function
  17. Malic Acid + Magnesium (180 count)
    Malic Acid + Magnesium
    Support for energy production and muscular function
  18. Muscle Protect™ with HMB
    Muscle Protect™ with HMB
    Supports lean muscle mass and muscle function
  19. Strontium
    A trace mineral supporting healthy bone density
  20. Turmeric Max-V
    Turmeric Max-V
    Support for joint and muscle function
  21. Ultra Joint Forte
    Ultra-Joint Forte
    Joint health
  22. Wobenzym ® N
    Wobenzym® N
    Broad spectrum systemic enzyme support for healthy joints, immune balance and healthy aging
  23. Wobenzym ® Plus
    Wobenzym® Plus
    Helps to maintain healthy joints, mobility and flexibility; Temporary relief from everyday aches, pains and muscle soreness; Speedy recovery following exertion
  24. Wobenzym ® PS
    Wobenzym® PS
    Professional strength systemic enzyme support for healthy joints; Temporary relief from everyday aches and pains; Speedy recovery following exertion
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