Educational Resources

In order to help healthcare practitioners make that critical link between research findings and clinical application, Douglas Laboratories offers monthly webinars and live seminars. Event details are posted online and via social media, making it easy to stay informed. Can't make it? No problem! Many of our educational events are recorded and housed on our website for easy, round-the-clock access.

Upcoming Webinar:

Sleep, Stress and Metabolism: Solutions for Supporting an Interconnected Triad

Presented by Penny Kendall-Reed, N.D.+

Date: Tuesday, May 8th

Time: 2:00 p.m. ET


Objectives will include:

  • Identify key hormones involved in sleep regulation and how stress can affect the balance
  • Understand the connection between neurotransmitters and the HPA axis
  • Discover how age, environment and our genes impact the quality of sleep and metabolism independent of diet and exercise
  • Describe the mechanism of Lactium® for promoting restful sleep

About the Presenter

Dr. Kendall-Reed is a specialist in metabolic and neuro-endocrine health, and author of the bestselling “The New Naturopathic Diet” and several other co-authored works. She travels throughout Canada and the United States lecturing on metabolic and endocrine function, holds health retreats, and appears regularly on television, magazine and radio. Presently, Dr. Kendall-Reed is the director of natural therapies at the Urban Wellness Clinic in Toronto.

+ Dr. Kendall-Reed is a retained consultant for Douglas Laboratories.